What is Amplitude?

Amplitude enables you to drive growth through robust product and behavioral analytics. Gain a thorough understanding of exactly what behaviors and traits are common among user segments to inform powerful targeting.

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How we work together

Enable deeper behavioral and product analysis with Braze and Amplitude. Gauge the efficacy of segmentation and experimentation on the customer experience through Amplitude and make real-time adjustments in Braze. Export behavioral cohorts directly from Amplitude to Braze or utilize Currents to export data from Braze to Amplitude.

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Growth Analytics

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What you can do

Resurrect Churned Users

Analyze dormant user activity in Amplitude, create cohorts with similar user behavior, and send engagement data through Currents into Amplitude to understand how to best re-engage users. Through deep insights into user behavior, you are armed with a holistic picture of exactly what actions can trigger a user to return to the app

Predict Retention

Analyze attributes of customers with exceptional retention rates to understand the various traits of power users. By understanding what drives retention, you can optimize messaging campaigns to drive similar behaviors among your larger user base

Bi-Directional Iteration and Analysis

Use Amplitude and Braze in concert to create a real time analytics feedback loop that will help you up-level messaging no matter where your customers are in the customer journey. Whether you're identifying top-performing variants or tweaking messaging on-the-fly, behavioral insights from Amplitude empower marketers with the data they need to optimize campaigns. What’s more, you can pass results on iterations directly back into Amplitude through Currents for ongoing analysis

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