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Introducing Content Cards: Exploring This Innovative New Messaging Channel

Braze is pleased to announce a powerful new messaging channel: Content Cards! This highly flexible messaging tool allows brands to highlight persistent content within their app or web experiences without interrupting customers’ browsing behavior. Read on for a look at this key new messaging channel and what it means for your customer engagement efforts.

The Channels Issue

Understanding “Growth”—and What It Means for Retailers

The term “growth” gets thrown around a lot these days, in part because so many businesses are evolving and finding themselves forced to embrace new approaches and new technologies to thrive in a fast-changing landscape. So let's explore what growth is, what factors influence it, and how brands—especially in the retail space—can master the strategies that make growth possible.

The Channels Issue

The Braze@Braze Chronicles: Using Email to Keeping the Small-Team Feel in a Rapidly Growing Global Organization

We’re growing at a rapid pace here at Braze, with new employees joining the team every week across our offices in New York, San Francisco, London, and Singapore. Learn how we're leveraging the Braze platform to power a welcome email experience that helps keep that small-team feel.

The Channels Issue

In-App Messages of the Future: More Magic than Marketing

From timing to triggers, design to data use, in-app messages are teed up to be an increasingly important part of a brand’s cross-channel marketing mix. They take your users from “welcome” to “welcome back,” “congratulations” to “keep trying” in a contextual way that, if done right, feels more like magic than messaging. Learn where we are today—and where this important messaging channel is headed.

The Channels Issue

What’s SMS Marketing, Anyway?

SMS messages. You know what they are—you probably send and receive your share of texts every day. But while this digital messaging channel is popularly associated with communications between friends and family members for most consumers, it can also be a key outreach tool for brands. Thinking about using SMS in your marketing mix? Already sending SMS but looking to make sure you’re doing it the right way? Read on to learn more.