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The Six Pillars of Braze Alloys: Advertising Technologies

In order to maximize awareness and acquisition efforts, brands need the ability to bring learnings from paid and organic into one place. That’s where advertising technology comes in: Brands can optimize the end-to-end customer experience with a better understanding of paid efforts.

six pillars

The Six Pillars of Braze Alloys: Data Augmentation

Personalized communication. Location-relevant updates. Audience segmentation based on current behavior. All things that can improve customer engagement with the right data augmentation partner.


The Six Pillars of Braze Alloys: Data and Infrastructure Agility

While first-party data can feel like priceless currency, its value drops the longer it takes your brand to listen, understand, and act upon it. That’s why brands need a streaming ecosystem capable of asking your customers what they want and giving it to them when it matters most.