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A Dedication to Security: Braze Receives ISO 27001 Certification and Successfully Completes SOC 2 Type 2 Audit

Security and data privacy have always been a key focus for us at Braze. Now, after a long and thorough process, I’m proud to share that Braze has successfully completed its SOC 2 Type 2 audit and ISO 27001 certification during the 2018 calendar year. These key new security steps mean that our customers can feel even more confident that we do what we say we do with respect to our security controls.


Don’t Do It Just to Do It: Thoughtful Personalization and the Post-GDPR Landscape

For many marketers, a lack of understanding around what personalization really is (and the concrete steps needed to get there) plays a major role in holding brands back from unlocking the considerable value of this essential strategy. But there's another big roadblock that marketers have to deal with—uncertainty around customer data and how they're allowed to use it.


The GDPR Compliance Journey and What It Looks Like: Data Subject Identity Verification

I was a couple weeks into my new job at Braze back in March when a data subject request email landed in our privacy inbox. I’d been off on maternity for a few months, far from any privacy-related matters, and my first reaction was, “How, exciting—GDPR in action!” It turns out that things were a little more complex than that. Data deletion, it turns out, is a journey…

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First(-Party) and Best: How GDPR is reshaping AdTech and transforming the way we think about data

GDPR changed things. Instead of building campaigns around third-party data that may or may not be GDPR-compliant, it’s time for companies to invest more seriously in MarTech solutions that make it possible to acquire actionable information that consumers actively choose to share.

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Make Security A Mindset

Customer/brand relationships are built upon trust. Customers trust that brands will keep their data safe and private—and they trust them to use that data responsibly in turn. To earn that trust, brands need three essential things: a security philosophy, a plan to identify and address security needs and a clear roadmap.

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Time for Your Annual HIPAA Compliance Check-Up!

HIPAA is probably older than your interns (and maybe even some of your employees), so while we’re all paying attention to our data protection regulations thanks to GDPR, let’s have a quick refresher on HIPAA compliance.