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The Poetics of Push Notifications

Push push notifications function similarly to poetry. The best ones spark emotion and drive you to act in a certain way. To better understand the poetry of great push, we spoke to two real-deal poets, Justin Boening and Laura Eve Engel, to unpack the structure, content, rhythm and voice of a handful of real-life push notifications.

The Inspiration Issue

Introducing Braze Benchmarks: How Do You Stack Up?

Good customer engagement starts with good data. That's why we've created Benchmarks, an interactive tool powered by Braze, Snowflake, and Looker that gives you and your teams access to live data by channel, operating system, and industry. How do you measure up?

The Orchestration Issue

Helping Rakuten Make Shopping Even More Rewarding for Its Members—and Their Bottom Line

Cashback brand Rakuten Rewards improves retention and sales through more relevant messaging and focused campaign orchestration.


Brand Sensitivity Training

Personalization isn’t all first names and product recommendations; it’s a tool for thoughtful communication. Smart brands will learn to lead from the front, putting their customer's needs, wants, interests, and time as first priority.

Creativity Issue

Line and Meter… and Emojis? 🧐: The Poetics of Push Notifications

A rose is a rose is a... push notification? To give marketing, growth, and engagement teams a fresh look at something they spend big chunks of their lives poring over, we’ve asked two poets to do a textual analysis of a curated selection of anonymized real-life push notifications.


Grouped, Quiet, Thoughtful: iOS 12 and the Maturing, Evolving Push Notification

As the launch of iOS 12 approaches, we’re getting more details about what’s changing and what those changes are going to means for marketing, growth, and engagement teams—and for customer engagement as a whole. The upshot? If you send push notifications, you shouldn't sleep on this key update.