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Mastering Personalization in a Post-GDPR World

Thoughtful personalization is becoming even more important as privacy laws are passed around the world. In just a few minutes, we'll cover how we can reconcile consumer expectations for both personalization and security. Learn more:


What’s First-Party Data, Anyway?

At the center of this privacy push is a discussion of “first-party data” versus “third-party data.” These are terms that get thrown around a lot in marketing circles, but what exactly is first-party data? How does it differ from third-party data? And how can it be leveraged to support smarter customer engagement?


Tech for Black Founders

Today, we are announcing the launch of a joint-initiative called Tech for Black Founders. Our mission is to create an ecosystem that provides resources and technology to empower Black-led businesses and level the playing field for underserved founders. Here's what that means.


HelpAround Medical Uses Braze and Neura to Boost Retention by 60%

By using the comprehensive, interconnected ecosystem of best-in-class technologies supported by Braze, HelpAround provides highly-relevant and personalized experiences to its customers. HelpAround is also able to adapt their patient concierge service to each individual patient without sacrificing patient privacy or data security.


Don’t Send Push Without It: 5 Things To Look For When Choosing a Push Notification Platform

While brands with mobile apps can benefit from using push, not all push notification platforms are the same. To help ensure brands make the most of of this powerful tool, we spoke with Johanna Lazar, Content Marketing Associate at Branch, to find out the five things to look for when choosing a push platform.


Advice and Inspiration From 5 Female Leaders

For International Women’s Day, we interviewed five women leaders on what it means to be a woman in tech. Here’s their advice.