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Proactive Privacy: What You Need To Know About Apple and Google’s Fall Updates

With all the excitement and buzz that comes with tech giant releases in the final stretch of 2019, it’s important to take a moment to pause, reflect, and predict what lies ahead for the technology landscape. From Sign In with Apple to significant updates to how iOS and Android manage location data permissions, it's all in here!


Email Must-Knows: Get the Scoop on IP Warming

There’s an art to email deliverability. To achieve it, you and your team need to master a number of key concepts. One of the most important? IP warming. Get up to speed with our short-and-sweet explainer.


Protect Your Email Program (and Your Customers) with Data Anonymization and Minimization

For email marketers, worries about data security and compliance go hand-in-hand with the awareness that data is essential to modern customer engagement. But what if there was a way to protect yourself and your brand without hampering your email engagement strategy?

The Inspiration Issue

GAFA 2019: Privacy, Performance, and Personalization

At this year's major developer conferences, a key theme emerged. The tech giants of GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) need to strike a delicate balance between creating customer-first, privacy-first experiences while becoming ever more present in consumers' lives.


Collision Conf 2019: Grappling with Marketing’s Messy, Promising Future

Staying ahead of the curve has always been a central focus of Collision Conference. This year’s edition, which took place May 20–24 in Toronto, featured VCs and researchers, athletes and musicians, founders and titans of industry, all of them in conversation about where technology is taking us and the costs and opportunities that await. Read on for all the insights!


Beyond GDPR: A New Era in Privacy

GDPR is one of the most impactful legislations in data privacy and security to date. At LTR 2018, marketers from around the world talked about what compliance meant for their teams.