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LTR 2019

LTR 2019 Video: Driving Marketing Innovation with AMP for Email [VIDEO INSIDE]

At this year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) Conference, Braze Global Brand Ambassador Magith Noohukhan spoke with Google Developer Advocate Patrick Kettner about the launch of AMP for Email. As one of the most important channels for marketers, Google is dedicated to changing the email status quo and opening up new, innovative sides to email marketing.


LTR 2019: How Effective Teams Use a Cross-Channel Strategy [VIDEO INSIDE]

There’s no one channel that can speak to all of today’s customers. Learn the best practices for mastering cross-channel engagement from this panel at the 2019 Long-Term Relationships (LTR) conference, featuring Swati Khattri, Sr. Manager, Mobile Marketing at, Amrita Damani, Mobile Marketing Leader at Intuit Inc., Denise McGuane, Senior Manager, Consumer Marketing at Yelp, Ianina Lucca, Growth Director at Skyscanner, and Shoshanna Wodinsky, Tech Reporter at AdWeek.

LTR 2019

LTR 2019 Video: Humanity in Action [VIDEO INSIDE]

At a time when we have overcome virtually every messaging barrier of distance, time, and scale, what can we do to return communication to its roots as a tool for building community? At this year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) Conference, Braze CEO and Cofounder Bill Magnuson explored how the practice of customer engagement has cultural implications that transcend business objectives.

LTR 2019

LTR 2019 Video: How Empathy At Scale Drives Humanity At Scale [VIDEO INSIDE]

Your customers now expect you to create human experiences by activating the key emotional and functional triggers that form the basis of the Brand Humanity Index, and their demands are only increasing. So how do modern brands successfully operationalize the creation and delivery of human experiences at scale? At the 2019 Long-Term Relationships (LTR) conference, Dipanjan Chatterjee, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, explained how brands can begin their journey.

LTR 2019

LTR 2019 Video: The Marketoonist on the Awkward Adolescence of Digital [VIDEO INSIDE]

With each new wave of technology, brands have the ability to connect with people more directly and deeply than ever before. Lighten up with Marketoonist Tom Fishburne, who shared at this year’s Long Term Relationships (LTR) conference how he uses cartoons and case studies to frame the right mindset needed to communicate with consumers in the modern digital world.

LTR 2019

LTR 2019 Video: Fireside Chat with Marisa Thalberg [VIDEO INSIDE]

At this year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) conference, Braze President and Chief Customer Officer Myles Kleeger had a conversation with Marisa Thalberg, Strategic Advisor Yum! and former Global Chief Brand Officer of Taco Bell. Learn straight from the source what inspired bold activations like the Bell Hotel and T-MoBell.