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The Channels Issue

In-App Messages of the Future: More Magic than Marketing

From timing to triggers, design to data use, in-app messages are teed up to be an increasingly important part of a brand’s cross-channel marketing mix. They take your users from “welcome” to “welcome back,” “congratulations” to “keep trying” in a contextual way that, if done right, feels more like magic than messaging. Learn where we are today—and where this important messaging channel is headed.


Stronger Messaging, Better Relationships: Great Customer Engagement Isn’t Just for DTC Brands Anymore

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are on the rise and everyone wants to know their secrets. To help out, Braze has taken a look at more than 29 billion messages sent in the last year to see what makes DTC stand out when it comes to customer engagement. Get the full story inside!


Happn Increased Their Email Deliverability by 3X with a Cross-Channel Approach

Using Braze, the dating app Happn was able to reinvent their email collection strategy and improve email deliverability. Through simple yet innovative tactics, they decreased bounce rate by 42% and increased open rates up to 3X.


What’s Transactional Messaging, Anyway?

Perhaps the easiest way to distinguish transactional messaging from its promotional (or marketing) counterpart is that it’s about what’s necessary—and requested. Let’s take a look at this important type of communication.


Showmax Used Smart Segmentation to Increase Subscribers by 204%

Leading African video streaming service Showmax utilizes a localization strategy give viewers relevant, engaging content. By leveraging segmentation to support a more relevant messaging strategy, they were able to increase their ROI by 37%.


How DraftKings Customizes Their Messaging With Liquid Personalization From Braze

What does it look like when you get personalization right? Well, DraftKings, a long-time customer of Braze, incorporates individualized content into their emails, push notifications and in-app messages—all using the Braze platform. Here's how they do it.