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Delivery Hero Uses Provisional Push to Boost Reachable Users by 36%

Online food-delivery marketplace Delivery Hero saw an opportunity to use the new iOS 12 provisional push feature to expand its reachable user base for Talabat, one of its Middle Eastern brands. Here’s how they increased push-enabled users by 36%.


A Board Member Perspective On The Outlook For Braze

Braze Board Member Phil Fernandez reflects upon his career and how tough times can catalyze great opportunities and successes.


What’s Next for Marketing: Responding to a Fast-Changing World

What is expected of marketers in times of great uncertainty, and how can they act effectively when so much is unprecedented and unknown?

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How Canva’s Email Strategy Increases User Engagement

During the COVID-19 health crisis, leading online graphic design platform Canva was looking to send more valuable emails to their millions of users across the world. Check out how they used Braze to send localized, engaging emails at scale.


What Are Badges, Anyway?

In the context of a mobile app, a badge is the red circle that appears on the upper right hand corner of the app’s icon on a mobile device. So why do badges matter so much for marketers?


Power Streaming Data Integrations with Braze Currents

Modern brands require high-volume, continuous data streaming (also called unbounded data). That is, data that never stops updating and provides a live view of the various interactions that consumers are having with your brand. Here's how Braze delivers.