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Happn Increased Their Email Deliverability by 3X with a Cross-Channel Approach

Using Braze, the dating app Happn was able to reinvent their email collection strategy and improve email deliverability. Through simple yet innovative tactics, they decreased bounce rate by 42% and increased open rates up to 3X.

The Channels Issue

How BlaBlaCar Used Smart Testing to Boost Open Rates by Up to 24%

For BlaBlaCar, their optimization process began with a clear goal. The company wanted to reach its customers as effectively as possible via email while also maximizing its email open rates. BlaBlaCar’s clarity about what metrics mattered for its business and where it wanted to see improvement made it easier for its marketers to determine where to focus (and, eventually, what to test).

LTR 2019

LTR 2019 Video: Driving Marketing Innovation with AMP for Email [VIDEO INSIDE]

At this year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) Conference, Braze Global Brand Ambassador Magith Noohukhan spoke with Google Developer Advocate Patrick Kettner about the launch of AMP for Email. As one of the most important channels for marketers, Google is dedicated to changing the email status quo and opening up new, innovative sides to email marketing.


PlushCare’s Cross-Channel Messaging Strategy Drives a 68% Email Open Rate

PlushCare is changing the way people experience healthcare with their virtual diagnostics and cross-channel messaging strategy. Check out how they reached a 68.3% email open rate and 9.7% click-through rate.


Freebird Leveraged a Fully Customizable Braze Channel to Increase Email Engagement by 141%

Using Braze, rideshare reward app Freebird was able to transform their email collection strategy to increase email engagement by 141%.


Mastering IP Warming, the Grubhub Way

To help you better understand how IP warming works and what a successful warming program can look like, we sat down with Christine Hill, CRM & Email Marketer at Grubhub. Hill, a veteran of numerous warming programs, shared her best practices and advice for setting yourself up for success with IP warming and migrations.