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LTR 2018

Brilliant Customer Experiences: The Evolution of the Braze Platform

Braze Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer Jon Hyman explores how technology can support brands as they work to build more engagement brand experiences and deeper customer connections—and gives a sneak peak at major updates to the Braze customer engagement platform and what they mean for brands and consumers alike.

Data & Technology

Creativity & Technology: Let the Humans Do What They're Good At

In today’s increasingly mobile-first age, driven by customer experience, it’s clear that brands need to embrace technology if they want to stay ahead. But there are some things that tech isn’t built to do well—from taking risks to having empathy of consumers’ emotions. That’s where humans come in. In this session, leaders from top creative agencies will discuss the relationship between creativity and technology.

LTR 2018

Digital Everest: Delivering Brilliant Experiences in a World of Unprecedented Scale

For the first time in history, it’s possible to gain instant global audiences populated by billions of diverse individuals—but that potential has only raised the stakes when it comes to delivering the brilliant experiences those customers expect. Explore the new challenges that unprecedented scale creates when it comes to infrastructure, engagement technologies, strategy, and cross-team collaboration.

LTR 2018

Why Great AI-Powered Experiences Don't Feel Like AI

AI makes incredible things possible when it comes to customer engagement. But too many brands forget that the goal isn’t to wow their audiences with technology—it’s the use that technology to automate and recreate the powerful, one-on-one human experiences that people crave at scale. Making that happen means ensuring that you’re keeping your customer’s real preferences and their day-to-day experience of your brand front of mind.