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The Human Touch: How Customer Engagement Drives Brand Loyalty

In an always-connected world, understanding and accessing a consumer's emotional experience is integral to creating true engagement. Humanizing interaction at scale is the way forward, and technology provides the road map.

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Brand Innovators Livecast: Digital Innovation, Sponsored by Braze

How are top brands navigating their customer engagement strategy in today's challenging landscape? As many of us adjust to working remotely and practicing social distancing, Braze is committed to providing value to our community—no matter the format. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Brand Innovators to sponsor this special edition of their livecast, dedicated to all the ways marketers can continue to drive digital innovation.


Stronger Messaging, Better Relationships: Great Customer Engagement Isn’t Just for DTC Brands Anymore

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are on the rise and everyone wants to know their secrets. To help out, Braze has taken a look at more than 29 billion messages sent in the last year to see what makes DTC stand out when it comes to customer engagement. Get the full story inside!


How to Build a Best-in-Class Data Collection Strategy

Great marketing is built on data, but not all data is created equally. If your brand is going to build its marketing strategy around data, you need to be confident that the information you’re collecting is accurate, up to date, and capable of having a meaningful impact on your customer engagement efforts. To get there, you need an effective data collection strategy.


Lifecycle Marketing and the Braze Canvas Difference

At its core, Braze Canvas is designed to make it easy for marketing, growth, and engagement teams to manage their customer relationships. For global freelance services marketplace Fiverr, having those capabilities was essential as they grew their business—and using Braze made it possible significantly boost the impact of their innovative engagement strategy.


Customer Lifecycle Marketing 101: What It Is (and What You Need to Know)

Every moment in the customer lifecycle is a make-or-break moment. Make sure you’re adding value at every turn. For brands that just can't make that happen... well, there's a cost.