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Creativity Issue

Line and Meter… and Emojis? 🧐: The Poetics of Push Notifications

A rose is a rose is a... push notification? To give marketing, growth, and engagement teams a fresh look at something they spend big chunks of their lives poring over, we’ve asked two poets to do a textual analysis of a curated selection of anonymized real-life push notifications.


Put the Creative in “Creative”: How Agencies Can Handle Today’s Deconstructed Customer Journey

R/GA's US CTO Steven Moy talks how agencies need to embrace tech to face their newest creative challenge: information

Creativity Issue

First(-Party) and Best: How GDPR is reshaping AdTech and transforming the way we think about data

GDPR changed things. Instead of building campaigns around third-party data that may or may not be GDPR-compliant, it’s time for companies to invest more seriously in MarTech solutions that make it possible to acquire actionable information that consumers actively choose to share.

Creativity Issue

GAFA 2018: An Evolution, Not a Revolution

The technology landscape is… in a strange spot. And when this spring’s annual developer conferences rolled around, the tech giants who make up GAFA (that is, Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon) found themselves in an unfamiliar position. How did they respond? Very carefully.

Creativity Issue

What’s a Webhook, Anyway?

As marketing and customer engagement becomes increasingly data-driven and dependent on technology to reach its full potential, it's important to stay up on key—but underappreciated tools. Today, we take a look at the humble webhook.

Creativity Issue

“Change Everything”: What It Takes to Rebrand a Company in Six Months, Warts and All

At Appboy, we were weeks away from officially changing our company name and our branding and, well, everything. We held a key check-in meeting for the leadership team, and it was clear we weren’t on the same page. We were in a tough spot—and the only way out was through.