Here’s what we’ve posted about Best of 2018: Customer Engagement 101


What’s Location Marketing, Anyway?

Look, nobody lives their whole life online. Understanding your customers’ locations and what they mean about who they are as individuals and what they value is a powerful way to personalize and improve the messages you send.


What's Dynamic Segmentation, Anyway?

Instead of the static, list-based audiences of yesteryear, segmentation leverages real-time data to create constantly changing groups of individuals that move in and out of the target segment as they meet (or fail to meet) the defined criteria.

Teams Issue

What’s Unbounded Data, Anyway?

In the world of marketing, the difference between milliseconds and minutes (or days) matters. To make the most of your customer engagement programs, knowing whether your data is unbounded is key.

Creativity Issue

What’s a Webhook, Anyway?

As marketing and customer engagement becomes increasingly data-driven and dependent on technology to reach its full potential, it's important to stay up on key—but underappreciated tools. Today, we take a look at the humble webhook.

Intuition Issue

What's An API, Anyway?

Not sure what an API really is? Heard the term around the office and just nodded your head nervously? Looked it up on Urban Dictionary, then wondered silently why you thought Urban Dictionary would have a solid definition? Well, don’t worry—we’ve got you.

Security Issue

What's PII, Anyway?

If you’re a marketer worth your salt (and of course you are), you’re likely amassing tons of data. So how does the data you’ve been accumulating and including in your messaging relate to personally identifiable information (PII, in the United States)? The answer depends on who you ask.