Issue 10 • April 2019

The Integration Issue

The Integration Issue

Building the Next-Gen Ecosystem: How the Six Pillars of Braze Alloys Support True Connected Engagement

Your customers are individuals, with their own individual interests, preferences, and behaviors. To reach them effectively, you need to ensure that you have the right technology ecosystem—one that allows you to slot in best-in-class technologies for all your different customer engagement needs and to connect them together to support responsive, relevant, and deeply human brand experiences. Learn how Braze Alloys can help make that happen.

The Integration Issue

How Ibotta Uses Braze to Support More Effective Customer Messaging

Today’s brands need to make sure their marketing strategy is supported by a customer engagement platform that’s built to support a stronger understanding of their customers and to enable relevant, personalized, targeted messaging at scale. Learn how Ibotta leveraged Braze and Radar to see stronger results and provide a better customer experience.

The Integration Issue

Live and Kicking: How Live Customer Profiles Make Real, Responsive Marketing Possible

When you have a real-time view of your customers at an individual level, your teams are empowered to create more relevant, personalized messaging at every stage of the customer journey.

The Integration Issue

Braze for ALL: How We’re Working to Diversify the Braze Team

At Braze, we’ve been laser-focused on diversity in the months following the launch of our Braze for ALL diversity and inclusion initiative. Learn how we've been working to ensure a more diverse workforce by updating our recruiting practices and technologies, bringing in partner organizations, and more!

The Integration Issue

Stacks, Ecosystems, and Customer Engagement: Where Are We Now?

Consumers have come to expect brands to be able to understand and speak to them without skipping a beat as they jump from device to device. To support that kind of cohesive experience, you need a best-in-class marketing technology ecosystem. But before you can build one that fits your brand’s unique needs, you need to understand what’s possible today—and how we got here.

The Integration Issue

Beyond Points and Punch Cards: How to Win in the New Age of Loyalty

It's time that marketers realize customer loyalty goes way beyond the traditional punch cards and point systems. To forge relationships that keep customers loyal, brands will need to focus in on seamless, valuable, thoughtful experiences at every point of the customer journey.

The Integration Issue

What's a SaaS Integration, Anyway?

SaaS—it makes the world go 'round. least it powers a lot of the experiences you have (as a marketer and a consumer) each day. Learn about SaaS, the benefit of building a best-in-class tech ecosystem, and insights on the classic build vs. buy question.


The Orchestration Issue

Helping Rakuten Make Shopping Even More Rewarding for Its Members—and Their Bottom Line

Cashback brand Rakuten Rewards improves retention and sales through more relevant messaging and focused campaign orchestration.

The Orchestration Issue

Next-Generation Email: Standing Strong in the Age of Inbox Infinity

Email is far from dead. It's thriving and continuing to evolve every day. But there's more competition for your customers' attention than ever before. Embracing and excelling in the next generation of email will require your marketing strategy to evolve, too, from your tech to your teams to your mindset.


Data Latency: What You Need to Know Right Now (Or Pretty Soon, Anyway)

As customer engagement becomes more and more data-driven, it’s increasingly important that all areas of your organization are up to speed on your data and how it’s being handled. But far too many brands aren't thinking seriously about data latency and what it means for their customer engagement efforts. Get the scoop here.

Cross-Channel Onboarding Guide

First impressions are everything, even in marketing. See how a cross-channel onboarding campaign can be the beginning of long-term customer relationships.

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