Issue 11 • June 2019

The Inspiration Issue

The Inspiration Issue

Introducing Braze Benchmarks: How Do You Stack Up?

Good customer engagement starts with good data. That's why we've created Benchmarks, an interactive tool powered by Braze, Snowflake, and Looker that gives you and your teams access to live data by channel, operating system, and industry. How do you measure up?


From Anonymous to Upsell: Mastering the Subscription Lifecycle

While every subscription-based business is different, they share the common goal of moving users from an initial display of interest—think visiting a website or downloading an app—to becoming engaged, paying customers and advocates. Looking for inspiration? Well, the team at Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) has the insights you need.


Trust, But Verify: How to Make Sure Benchmarks Are Really Saying What You Think They’re Saying

For some creatives, “data” is a four-letter word. But the shortest path to failure for digital marketers is making decisions without the right data to guide your strategy. Here at Braze, we know that some of the most essential information when it comes to customer engagement is benchmarking data—that is, industry-wide metrics that can help you set goals, better understand your vertical, and strategize across industries to make an impact on your bottom line.


What’s Testing, Anyway?

To ensure they're getting the best engagement possible, smart teams are constantly testing. Learn about the different types of testing, when to use them, and who to send them to!

The Inspiration Issue

GAFA 2019: Privacy, Performance, and Personalization

At this year's major developer conferences, a key theme emerged. The tech giants of GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) need to strike a delicate balance between creating customer-first, privacy-first experiences while becoming ever more present in consumers' lives.


A Digital-First Paper Anniversary: The First Year of Braze Magazine and Perspectives, As Told by the People Who Built It

Over the past year, Braze has embarked on a major initiative that has drawn on Agile frameworks, inspiration from traditional print media, Braze proprietary data, and more to reimagine our content experience and the systems supporting it in fundamental ways. To mark the one-year anniversary of the launch of our Braze Perspective digital content hub and the first print edition of Braze Magazine, we’re taking an exclusive look at the data, tech, and teams that made it all possible.



Protect Your Email Program (and Your Customers) with Data Anonymization and Minimization

For email marketers, worries about data security and compliance go hand-in-hand with the awareness that data is essential to modern customer engagement. But what if there was a way to protect yourself and your brand without hampering your email engagement strategy?

Braze Buzz

Braze Customer Burger King Takes Home the Titanium Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival

Burger King's brilliant mix of creativity, technology, and just the right amount of trolling in their #WhopperDetour campaign earns them the Titanium Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival 2019.


Personalization and Preferences Matter—Especially for the LGBTQIA+ Community

This Pride Month, we want to encourage brands to go beyond the rainbow logos and start using their data collection and personalization capabilities to build truly inclusive brand experiences.

A New Era of Data Agility: Introducing Braze Alloys

Dive into the Braze Technology Ecosystem and learn more about how we leverage 45 partners to help you deliver brilliant experiences to your consumers.

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