Issue 2 • April 2018

The Intuition Issue

Intuition Issue

Marketing at the Speed of Instinct

Today’s best marketers are the ones armed with today’s best technology: automated marketing tools. These solutions not only empower customer-focused campaigns to be created, deployed, tested, and tweaked at the speed of gut instinct, they also promise the kind of effectiveness that can only come from data-backed iteration.

Intuition Issue

Why Braze Built An Intelligence Suite—And Where We're Taking It

While AI as a concept has been with us for decades, it’s moving more and more from the realm of fantasy into a reality—one that harnesses computing power to develop smart logic on top of a lot of data. But making AI work for your business isn’t as simple as pushing a button—you have to make it happen.

Intuition Issue

What's An API, Anyway?

Not sure what an API really is? Heard the term around the office and just nodded your head nervously? Looked it up on Urban Dictionary, then wondered silently why you thought Urban Dictionary would have a solid definition? Well, don’t worry—we’ve got you.


Not Hype, Not Magic: What Human-Focused AI Really Means For Customer Engagement

Over the past decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has gone from wouldn’t-it-be-nice marketing fantasy to a full-on customer engagement hype cycle, with companies across a range of industries seeking a way to boost productivity and level up their brand experiences. But making AI work for your business isn’t as simple as pushing a button—you have to make it happen.


The Passion Issue

Keeping the Spark Alive: 5 Theories to Better Your Customer Relationships, Inspired by Relationships

Customer/brand relationships are built on communication, trust, chemistry, and a fulfillment of needs. Sound familiar?


Brand Sensitivity Training

Personalization isn’t all first names and product recommendations; it’s a tool for thoughtful communication. Smart brands will learn to lead from the front, putting their customer's needs, wants, interests, and time as first priority.


The Impact of Making an Impact: How the American Cancer Society Uses Personalized Push Notifications to Drive Engagement

Emoji-filled, mission-aligned messages boost fundraising efforts by showing participants the impact of their contribution.

Cross-Channel Onboarding Guide

First impressions are everything, even in marketing. See how a cross-channel onboarding campaign can be the beginning of long-term customer relationships.

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