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How Cutback Coach Helped Members Optimize Their Drinking Habits—And Saw 80+% Daily Active Usage

Cutback Coach Founder Nick Allen explores how his brand has leverage intuitive, two-way SMS messaging flows powered by Braze to built a rich, personalized experience for users—resulting in 80+% daily active usage. Learn more: https://www.braze.com/perspectives/article/cutback-coach-sms-80-percent-daily-active-usage


The Era of Digital Reset

With many consumers still in lockdown and many more hesitant to return to the in-person shopping situations that once defined the business landscape, brands are facing an urgent need to evaluate new ways to implement digitally-enabled communication, engagement, and ecommerce solutions. Check out what Steven Moy, Global CEO of Barbarian, has to say on the subject.


What It Takes to Build an SMS Experience Customers Love, the Cutback Coach Way

We’re bringing you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at how forward-looking business leaders and brands are leveraging Braze to drive brilliant, innovative customer experience. In this ongoing series, we’ll be spotlighting Nick Allen—the first lifecycle marketer at Lyft and former Director of Retention at IPSY—as he uses Braze to power communications for his latest startup, Cutback Coach.


Pomelo Fashion Increased Conversion Rate by 66% and In-App Sessions by 126%

By leveraging Braze to run a personalized push campaign, Bangkok-based ecommerce brand, Pomelo Fashion, was able to achieve an 66% increase in conversion rate, and a 126% increase in sessions. Learn more: https://www.braze.com/perspectives/article/pomelo-case-study


Creativity, Data, and Technology: Wunderman Thompson Joins Braze Alloys Solutions Partners

Today, we're excited to announce the newest addition to our Braze Alloys solutions partner team, Wunderman Thompson (WT). Learn all about the growth partner from Braze President and COO Myles Kleeger.


How to Reach Your Customers With Intelligent Channel

Intelligent Channel helps brands weigh the available channels against each other and pick the ideal one one a per-customer basis. Here's how that works and how your brand can leverage the tool!