Featured Braze Perspectives


Introducing Braze Predictive Churn

Identify users who may be on the verge of dropping away by leveraging Predictive Churn, the first feature in the new Braze Predictive Suite.


La Presse Adds 139k New Subscribers in the First Month With Braze-Powered Reader Wall

La Presse is one of Canada’s most popular free French-language news sources. When La Presse wanted to increase subscribers, it partnered with Braze to design customized browser messages to allow access to content while encouraging users to create free accounts—and added 139,000 subscribers in the first month.


Push Vs. Push: Why Some Notifications Arrive Faster Than Others

If marketer A sends a push notification at 9 a.m. and marketer B sends theirs at the same time, why does first marketer's push notification arrive faster? Hint: It has to do with send type, data processing, send capacity, and more.


Braze Hits Customer Milestone, Continues Hiring Surge Amid Global Growth

Company surpasses 1,000 customers and leans into talent acquisition for the new year to support expanded business around the world.


What’s MMS, Anyway?

How do you transform a text message into a multimedia experience? By sending an MMS message, of course. Learn the ins-and-outs of this vivid, eye-catching customer messaging channel in our exclusive explainer.


Mastering Location-Based Marketing in a Fast-Changing World

Location data can do a lot to support effective customer engagement, but only if you approach it in thoughtful ways, with the right tools.