Zoë Lefeuvre

Product Marketing Manager at Braze

Zoë is on the product marketing team specifically overseeing analyst relations and GTM strategy for EMEA. Outside of work Zoë has traveled through over 30 countries seeking adventures such as shark diving in Gansbaai, to uncovering ancient civilizations in Palmyra. When in America, Zoë is a francophile and poodle enthusiast living with her husband and two dogs.

The Channels Issue

What’s SMS Marketing, Anyway?

SMS messages. You know what they are—you probably send and receive your share of texts every day. But while this digital messaging channel is popularly associated with communications between friends and family members for most consumers, it can also be a key outreach tool for brands. Thinking about using SMS in your marketing mix? Already sending SMS but looking to make sure you’re doing it the right way? Read on to learn more.


Bulls, Cubs, and Bears! Oh My! Takeaways from Chicago's Mobile Venture Summit

On May 15th, Mobile Venture Summit held an intimate gathering of marketers focused on sharing mobile best practices in Chicago. Check out our insights from top brands across industries.


What’s OTT Business Messaging, Anyway?

Modern life can feel frantic. There’s so many technologies out there, so much noise and distraction. To engage customers effectively these days, you have to speak to people where they are—and a lot of people (billions and billions of them) can be reached in one specific kind of place, namely OTT messaging platforms. Read on for a look at these platforms and their business messaging capabilities.