Zach McCormick

Engineering Manager at Braze

Zach is a software engineer in New York City. His passions include working out the bugs in big distributed systems then blogging about it, playing electric guitar, and slowly learning the Hungarian language.

Building Braze

Connected Content and the Slashdot Effect (or How I Learned to Scale APIs)

Zach McCormick of our engineering team takes you through his favorite method of scaling APIs for our dynamic content feature, Connected Content.

Building Braze

Achieving Resiliency With Queues: Building a System That Never Skips a Beat in a Billion

Braze processes billions and billions of events per day on behalf of its customers, resulting in billions of hyper-focused, personalized messages—but failing to send one of those messages has consequences. To make sure those key messages are always correct and always on time, Braze takes a strategic approach to how we leverage job queues.