Tom Pinckney

Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Segment

Tom Pinckney leads Partnerships and Business Development at Segment, the customer data infrastructure company. Tom is an expert on data management, analytics, and marketing technologies. Tom works closely with Segment’s Technology and Channel Partners that advise, architect, and implement customer data infrastructure. Prior to Segment, Tom held various business development leadership positions at Cloudera and sales leadership roles at Coverity (now Synopsys).

The Orchestration Issue

What’s Data Agility, Anyway?

Modern customer engagement is built on data. The key to making the most of data in your customer engagement efforts? Embracing effective data management and ensuring you have the mindset, tools, and strategy you need to make true data agility a reality throughout your brand’s technology ecosystem. Let's dig into the nuts and bolts of data agility with an expert, Tom Pinckney from customer data infrastructure experts Segment.