Todd Grennan

Managing Editor, Content Marketing at Braze

Todd Grennan is a New York-based writer and editor. When he's not writing about mobile marketing, customer retention and emerging technologies for Braze, you can find him trying to read his way through every Wikipedia article related to World War II.


Don’t Do It Just to Do It: Thoughtful Personalization and the Post-GDPR Landscape

For many marketers, a lack of understanding around what personalization really is (and the concrete steps needed to get there) plays a major role in holding brands back from unlocking the considerable value of this essential strategy. But there's another big roadblock that marketers have to deal with—uncertainty around customer data and how they're allowed to use it.


Broken Vs. Brilliant [Part 4]: The Final Judgment

The end of a long journey is always a time to pause and take stock, and that’s just as true for any major segment of the customer journey. To dig into how to handle this unique-but-essential part of the customer/brand relationship, we’ve put together one last installment of our Broken Vs. Brilliant video series.


Broken Vs. Brilliant [Part 3]: Sticking The Customer Engagement Landing

When it comes to customer engagement, a lot of brands miss the full picture. Once a given user is engaged with your app or website, the experience you give them there is the central factor to whether they grow into a loyal customer To explore how to make that experience happen, we’ve put together another installment of our Broken Vs. Brilliant video series.

Teams Issue

Broken Vs. Brilliant [Part 1]: Great Customer Engagement Starts at the Start

To dig into what’s possible when a brand gets their act together and successfully marries data, technology, and teams to create consistent, powerful brand experiences (and also what happens when they really, really don’t), let's take a—fictional—look at two very different versions of one person's customer journey.

Creativity Issue

Line and Meter… and Emojis? 🧐: The Poetics of Push Notifications

A rose is a rose is a... push notification? To give marketing, growth, and engagement teams a fresh look at something they spend big chunks of their lives poring over, we’ve asked two poets to do a textual analysis of a curated selection of anonymized real-life push notifications.


Broken Vs. Brilliant [Part 2]: Help Your Customer Engagement Efforts Take Flight

In today’s fast-moving, digital-first world, marketing thought leaders never stop talking about the importance of making a strong first impression. But once you get past first impressions, flash matters less—and substance matters more. To dig into these questions, we’ve put together another installment of our Broken Vs. Brilliant video series.