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What’s First-Party Data, Anyway?

At the center of this privacy push is a discussion of “first-party data” versus “third-party data.” These are terms that get thrown around a lot in marketing circles, but what exactly is first-party data? How does it differ from third-party data? And how can it be leveraged to support smarter customer engagement?


Intelligent Selection Use Cases

Here's a quick overview of what intelligent selection is, what it can accomplish, and how best to use it for your customer engagement strategy.


3 Cross-Channel Engagement Campaigns That Will Boost Your Marketing

With the right data, technology, and teamwork, the sky’s the limit when it comes to driving effective cross-channel campaigns. So let’s explore three simple ways you can get started using cross-channel strategies to drive better customer experiences and outcomes.


Intro to Braze Canvas, Our Customer Journey Tool

Creating sophisticated, multi-step, multivariate campaigns can feel intimidating, but Braze is here to help. We created Braze Canvas, our customer journey tool, to make building dynamic and responsive campaigns completely seamless. Learn more here:


What’s a Preference Center, Anyway?

If you overwhelm your customers with too many messages, you’re going to lose some of them. That’s where preference centers come in. These powerful solutions let users decide things for themselves—and help you create more meaningful communication.


How IBM Uses Braze-Powered Lifecycle Messaging To Boost Conversions By Up To 5X

The rise of the cloud has been transformational for modern business, making it possible for brands of all sizes to build and grow their digital operations effectively at a global scale. And as one of the major players in the cloud computing space, it’s important for IBM to build and maintain strong relationships with the organizations who use the more than 150 products and services that make up its IBM Cloud suite. Learn more: