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Use Your Words: A Guide to the Braze Marketing Glossary

Marketing has a language all of its own. Sometimes, that can be hard to keep up with (how many acronyms can one person keep in their head, after all?) That's why we've built the Braze Glossary, your guide to all the letters, terms, and abbreviations you need to be fluent in marketing speak. Learn more in this article, then check out our glossary for yourself!

client stories

More than Just a Language App: How busuu Used Connected Content to Become a Supportive and Friendly Coach for Foreign Language Learners

Language app busuu wanted to take on the role of helpful, supportive coach, keeping its users on track for their Study Plans. Read on to see how dynamic personalization, cross-channel messaging, and some human empathy in campaign planning helped them get there (with great results, too!).


Automation’s Human Factor: What AI Means for Customer Engagement

To explore the challenges and best practices that come with using AI to support brilliant customer experiences, we spoke to thought leaders on the subject from Grubhub, Neura, and at last fall’s LTR conference. Read on for their insights!

Conversation Issue

How Meal Delivery Service Deliveroo Satisfied Its Global Hunger for Data

Deliveroo enabled their global team with real-time, actionable data insights to inform global campaigns, all at scale.

LTR 2018

The Human Factor: Psychology, Technology, and Lasting Customer/Brand Relationships

Noted psychologist and author Nathalie Nahai digs into the psychological aspects of digital marketing and how technology and strategy can help brands improve their emotional intelligence and engage with their audiences in more thoughtful, more impactful ways.

LTR 2018

Teaming Up: Bringing Together Sports and Brands

A diverse panel of players, coaches and executives from the NBA, WNBA, and NFL team up to discuss the future of sports and the role that technology and data has had on both amplifying, shaping and growing their personal and professional brands as well as how to leverage technology and optimize ROI in this space.