Team Braze



How to Get the Full Value of Intelligent Timing

Every consumer has an ideal time to message—the trick is knowing what it is. With Braze Intelligent Timing, you can automatically calculate each user's the optimal send time based on a statistical analysis of their past interactions with your app and messaging. The upshot? More impactful marketing campaigns.


HappyFresh Drives 33% Purchase Rates By Putting Customers First

HappyFresh is determined to deliver the best customer experience—especially during tough times, when their service can help to ease someone’s worries. This customer-first approach not only shows their users that they care, but it helps them provide value when people need it the most.


What's Lifecycle Marketing, Anyway?

Having the full picture of your customer’s experience requires taking the time to collect the right data from the start of and throughout their journey.


Mastering Language-Based Personalization

When a brand customizes a message based on the preferred language of the individuals receiving it, that’s language-based personalization. With this sort of customization, it’s easy for marketing, growth, and engagement teams to provide clearer messaging experiences to a global audience, at scale.


How Email Can Stay Relevant In The Era of Mobile and AI

Email has stood the test of time. And no matter how many new devices are built, how new platforms may evolve, email marketing is here to stay.


Intelligent Timing Use Cases

As we evaluate additional ways AI can improve customer engagement, we’re zeroing in on key orchestration and optimization points within customer journeys where this technology can help move the needle for brands. In particular, we’re exploring ways that AI can aid human decision making by helping with key decision points.