Team Braze



Increase the Impact of Your Notifications with Push Stories

Given this trend toward the visual, we at Braze thought push notifications could use an update to become as multidimensional as other marketing channels, like email, rich push, and in-app messaging. So we decided to create Push Stories.


Holiday Data Four Strategies to Start Using Now

In order to create effective campaigns, you need to organize and execute on your data. Here are four strategies to use today (and beyond.)


A (Fictional) Marketer Explores Segmentation: Check out Segmentation Enhancements

Miguel audibly gasped when he got your reply. He hadn’t dug up these fancy, new Segmentation Enhancements in his initial research. Now he can build truly next-level audiences...which is exactly what he asked for, you sly dog.


Reimagining Your Email With AMP (And How To Set Your Team For Success)

While it’s far from the only messaging channel out there, email remains one of the most integral to consumers’ day-to-day lives. And what’s possible is expanding, thanks to AMP for Email—which brings in-inbox interactivity to a whole new level.


Understanding Growth

Let's explore what growth is, what factors influence it, and how brands—especially in the retail space—can master the strategies that make growth possible.


A (Fictional) Marketer Explores Segmentation: Build Some Preference Segments

Miguel replies back with a *head desk* emoji and returns to his brain dump segmentation ideas he’d made back when they were still in the SDK implementation phase.