Team Braze



What’s MMS, Anyway?

How do you transform a text message into a multimedia experience? By sending an MMS message, of course. Learn the ins-and-outs of this vivid, eye-catching customer messaging channel in our exclusive explainer.


Mastering Location-Based Marketing in a Fast-Changing World

Location data can do a lot to support effective customer engagement, but only if you approach it in thoughtful ways, with the right tools.


Badges 101

We've all seen them—those red circles on the top right corner of your favorite apps. But what are they and how can they support effective customer engagement?


GetYourGuide Weathers the Storm with Cross-Channel Messaging

When COVID-19 hit, leading travel platform GetYourGuide had to adjust—fast! By leveraging thoughtful, customer-centric cross-channel campaigns, they were able to keep users engaged and out-perform the travel industry as a whole.


Optimize Your Desktop and Mobile Web Engagement With The Braze Web SDK

Initially, marketers had only a couple of options to catch the interest of web visitors before they bounced: Encourage web users to download the company's mobile app or sign up for an email list. Now, however, thanks to the arrival of web messaging, brands have more ways to engage visitors over the long haul.


What's a Push Primer?

In just a few minutes, we'll cover what exactly is a push primer, why they're so important, and best practices for using them.