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What Are API-Based Campaigns, Anyway?

For marketers looking to keep up, there are three kinds of API-related campaigns that can help support real-time, relevant customer experiences. Let's take a look at similarities, differences, and use cases of all three. Learn more here:


Dynamic Content Personalization

Sometimes, the information that you need to customize your messages in the most effective possible way isn’t contained in your customer profiles. With dynamic content personalization (AKA Connected Content), you can customize the messages you send with information taken from public APIs and your brand’s own proprietary servers.


How Canva’s Email Strategy Increases User Engagement

Never resting on their laurels, Canva consistently works to improve the customer experience by delivering real value with relevant, engaging content. By relying on the power of Braze, they are able to increase high engagement rates—their north star metric—easily and at scale.


What's a Solutions Partner, Anyway

You don’t have to go it alone. From optimizing tech integrations to developing a marketing blueprint for success, solutions partners can help adapt to shifting demands and create high quality consumer experiences that set your brand apart from the noise.


Mapping High Value Actions

High Value Actions are typically a set of actions that you can predict will set up customers to be valuable to your business in the long term. Start by segmenting users into engagement maps, then work out how to move these customer groups through their lifecycle using incentives, content, and customer education.


What’s an Influenced Open, Anyway?

In essence, influenced opens are ways of measuring how many users took action and opened your app after receiving a push notification, but not directly from the push notification. But how exactly do you figure that out? Find out here.