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Braze Benchmarks: Here's How Your Numbers Stack Up

Marketers must understand the power and promise of each messaging channel individually to build a comprehensive strategy. The Braze Benchmarks Report, is an interactive tool built to give you a platform-by-platform, industry-by-industry window into how global consumers are interacting with different messaging channels. See how your numbers stack up on


What’s Web Push, Anyway?

The rise of web push notifications has made it possible for brands to effectively reach their web audience with direct, eye-catching messages—even if those users aren’t actively visiting their website. Learn what web push is, how it works, and why it matters to your marketing strategy.


Showmax Used Smart Segmentation to Increase Subscribers by 204%

With a dedication to serving their audience with locally-relevant content personalized to their audience’s preferences, Showmax is able to drive high engagement and provide valuable communication.


Four Key Things To Look For From Your Push Provider

To help you ensure that you’re choosing the right technology to support your push messaging, ask yourself these four key questions:


The Braze For Impact Podcast #5: The Future of Food

On each episode of the Braze for Impact podcast, host PJ Bruno sits down with guests to dig into the latest and greatest when it comes to tech industry news and trends. In this episode, PJ chatted with Taylor Gibb, Braze Strategic Customer Success Manager and Omari Matthew, Braze Technical Support Specialist Team Lead, to tackle these pressing food-related questions.


What is Dark Mode, Anyway?

By respecting your users’ explicit preferences when it comes to Light Mode versus Dark Mode, you’re leveling up user satisfaction and showing that you care about the mobile experience you’re providing.