Team Braze



The Emotional Moments that Drive Customer Engagement

From life-changing celebrations to the little moments in between, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with consumers all year long. Check out our infographic to discover how to drive customer engagement beyond the holidays.


Email Must-Knows: What’s Batch and Blast Email?

At its core, a batch and blast email strategy is built around sending a big group of people the exact same email message, with no specific targeting or personalization of your outreach. Let's dive into why batch emailing is bad for business.


The On-Demand Mindset

On-demand companies have transformed the way customers engage with brands. There’s no going back—customers now expect their product or service delivered quickly and painlessly. The brands that have succeeded in this space can teach us a great deal about engaging customers in today’s fast-moving, mobile-first world.


How Mercari Uses Braze to Aid in Global Expansion

Through its partnership with Braze, Mercari is making steady progress in expanding the selling app’s popularity among U.S. consumers and is positioned for more growth globally.


Email Must-Knows: What’s IP Cooling?

Having a good reputation is important. Being a trusted member of society makes it possible to do everything from borrowing money to finding a babysitter. Marked with a bad reputation, you’re not likely to receive much positive attention or to be invited to many dinner parties.


Braze Achieves AWS Retail Competency Status

Braze is excited to announce that our company is a part of the first ever Amazon Web Services (AWS) Retail Competency. Braze went through rigorous validation to ensure we’re aligned with AWS best practices for building the most secure and high-performing cloud infrastructure for retail industry applications.