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Email Must-Knows: What’s a Spam Trap?

Like any good trap, a spam trap is built to capture things—in this case, that thing is evidence that that a given email sender isn’t being thoughtful about the people they’re sending messages to. Find out how spam traps work and how to avoid them.


Email Must-Knows: What Types of Campaigns Should You Send During Your Email Warm-Up?

IP warming makes it possible for marketers to establish a positive reputation with the internet service providers (ISPs) that control access to consumers’ inboxes. But to make the most of this crucial period, it’s important to be thoughtful about the kinds of campaigns you send. Learn how to get it right.


Email Must-Knows: What Is IP Re-Warming?

Whether you’re looking to right your ship during an IP warm-up that’s struggling or searching for smart ways to prepare for the holiday email rush, IP re-warming is a key tool to keep in your back pocket. Learn what it is, when to do it, how to do it right, and more!


Left Brain, Right Brain: Customer Engagement at the Intersection of Creativity and Tech

The rise of mobile and a new landscape of engagement technologies has left a lot of companies looking for ways to use the tech at their disposal in ways that speak to the creative, the intuitive, the human. But what’s really possible when you bring these things together? And how can brands improve their customer engagement efforts once they have creativity and technology working side by side. Let's find out!


The New Generation of Customer Engagement: Braze CEO Bill Magnuson on Innovating Brand Experiences

A decade ago, when Braze Cofounder and CEO Bill Magnuson was fresh out of school and employed at Google, he found himself caught up in a mobile revolution that was still in its infancy. That experience led him to co-found the company that became Braze and play a significant role in how modern customer engagement has evolved. Read on for more insights into how technology is impacting customer engagement and how brands should respond.


Email Must-Knows: Email List Cleansing

For email marketers, deliverability is always going to be a central concern—and keeping your email list clean is one of the most effective ways to maintain deliverability. If the provider finds that your team is sending emails to all sorts of invalid email addresses, your reputation could take a hit and eventually get your messaging exiled to the spam learn what it takes to avoid that fate.