Team Braze


LTR 2018

What Makes a Brand Human?

Braze President and Chief Customer Officer Myles Kleeger and Forrester’s Dipanjan Chatterjee introduce a new, powerful way of evaluating customer/brand relationships—the Braze Brand Humanity Index (BHI). Developed by Forrester and Braze, this index leverages insights from the human behavioral sciences to provide marketing, growth, and engagement teams with the ability to determine whether their customer engagement efforts are connecting with customers on an emotional, human level.

LTR 2018

Beyond GDPR: Customer Relationships in a Privacy-Focused Age

Major regulatory shifts and changes in consumer perception are transforming how brands think about and act on personal data. With new laws on the horizon or on the books in Germany and California, it’s more important than ever for brands to find ways to comply with these regulations without sacrificing the customer experience

LTR 2018

Teaming Up: Bringing Together Sports and Brands

A diverse panel of players, coaches and executives from the NBA, WNBA, and NFL team up to discuss the future of sports and the role that technology and data has had on both amplifying, shaping and growing their personal and professional brands as well as how to leverage technology and optimize ROI in this space.

LTR 2018

Brilliant Customer Experiences: The Evolution of the Braze Platform

Braze Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer Jon Hyman explores how technology can support brands as they work to build more engagement brand experiences and deeper customer connections—and gives a sneak peak at major updates to the Braze customer engagement platform and what they mean for brands and consumers alike.

LTR 2018

The Human Factor: Psychology, Technology, and Lasting Customer/Brand Relationships

Noted psychologist and author Nathalie Nahai digs into the psychological aspects of digital marketing and how technology and strategy can help brands improve their emotional intelligence and engage with their audiences in more thoughtful, more impactful ways.

LTR 2018

Is Customer Experience the New Content?

With the amount of stellar content and the number of platforms for that content continuing to expect, success on mobile and emerging platforms takes more than just a quality offering—the experience you provide to your customers is increasingly just as important. Hear from Disney brands that have mastered this tricky mix and learn how to engage customers more effectively with your content.