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How IBM Uses Braze-Powered Lifecycle Messaging To Boost Conversions By Up To 5X

The rise of the cloud has been transformational for modern business, making it possible for brands of all sizes to build and grow their digital operations effectively at a global scale. And as one of the major players in the cloud computing space, it’s important for IBM to build and maintain strong relationships with the organizations who use the more than 150 products and services that make up its IBM Cloud suite. Learn more:


What’s OTT Business Messaging, Anyway?

OTT, which stands for “Over-The-Top”, refers to a group of technologies that layer on top of proprietary information delivery systems. That layering is what makes OTT technologies unique. Brands can use these new services to expand the number of ways they can engage with consumers. Learn more:


GAFA Updates: Apple's WWDC and iOS 14

A quick look at Apple's WWCD highlights, what's coming up with iOS 14, and how it might impact your customer engagement efforts.


Four Steps To Brand Humanity

Hearing a lot about how brands need to be more human in their customer messaging? Have no idea where to begin? Well, you're in luck. We've identified a few steps to get you and your teams started on your journey to brand humanity. Learn more:


Mastering Delivery-Time Personalization

We're back again with more tips on personalization! Learn how to send messages to your users at the time they're most likely to engage.


Sephora SEA Increases Augmented Reality Feature Adoption Rates By 28%

Sephora SEA, the South East Asia arm of the multinational makeup giant, fosters a culture of experimentation in order to create engaging campaigns. Check out how they drove a 28% uplift in user adoption in their AR makeup feature, as well as a 48% increase in overall traffic to the feature. Learn more: