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When You Should Use Braze Canvas

In this 4 minute video, learn how to recognize when your brand or campaign should use our customer journey tool, Braze Canvas.


What Are Active Customer Campaigns, Anyway?

While any campaign that’s being targeted to your active customer base could be considered to be an active customer campaign, in a true active customer campaign the purpose of the outreach is to deepen the recipient’s relationship with your brand. Let's take a look.

case studies

sweetgreen Adds 10K New SMS Subscribers With Braze-Powered Promo Code Campaign

sweetgreen serves up fast, healthy grain bowls and salads made from scratch at 100 locations across the country. When the restaurant chain launched its app, it wanted to entice customers to order food through the app instead of outside delivery services. sweetgreen partnered with Braze to launch a promo code campaign, sending discount codes to customers via SMS. The campaign attracted 10k+ new SMS subscribers and shortened the time frame needed to launch new campaigns.


Payomatic Boosts Mobile App Adoption And Lifetime Value With Data-Driven Marketing

Payomatic, New York's largest provider of check cashing and financial services, is adding digital capabilities to transform its traditional brick-and-mortar business. To increase mobile app adoption, engagement, and customer lifetime value, Payomatic is using Braze to deliver personalized messages at key moments during the customer journey. Learn more:


Hidden Costs and Growth Blocks

In under three minutes, we'll discuss the costs you might not always think of when purchasing martech. So let's take a look at explicit and implicit costs you need to evaluate when you make your next purchase!


Why Marketers Should Care About Data Latency

We've talked a lot about data latency and why it happens, but you might still be wondering—as a digital marketer, what makes this relevant to me?