Taylor Gibb

Customer Success Manager, Enterprise at Braze

Taylor Gibb is an Enterprise Customer Success Manager on the New York team at Braze. She's a self-proclaimed expert in lifecycle automation, bringing teams together, and making the perfect apple pie.


What’s a Race Condition, Anyway?

When broken brand experiences happen, there can be many different causes. Poor data hygiene. Human error. Batched data processing. But there’s one potential cause that hasn’t gotten as much attention as it deserves: Race conditions.


Mastering Provisional Push: What Marketers Need to Know

Though it was first released over a year ago, provisional push is one of the most powerful new tools marketers have to get the attention of their users and prove the value that their push notifications can provide in real time. Learn how to get started with our exclusive overview.

The Integration Issue

Live and Kicking: How Live Customer Profiles Make Real, Responsive Marketing Possible

When you have a real-time view of your customers at an individual level, your teams are empowered to create more relevant, personalized messaging at every stage of the customer journey.