Steven Moy

Global CEO, Barbarian

Steven Moy is a hands-on agency CEO and author who has contributed to numerous pieces in The New York Times, Advertising Week, LBB, Glossy, Raconteur and more. For decades, Steven has worked on large-scale digital transformation initiatives for global brands including: McDonald’s, Marvel, Shiseido, Johnson & Johnson, CVS Health and AT&T. He currently serves as Global CEO of Barbarian, having previously held positions as CTO of global digital agency RGA and CEO of Isobar UK.


The Era of Digital Reset

With many consumers still in lockdown and many more hesitant to return to the in-person shopping situations that once defined the business landscape, brands are facing an urgent need to evaluate new ways to implement digitally-enabled communication, engagement, and ecommerce solutions. Check out what Steven Moy, Global CEO of Barbarian, has to say on the subject.