Ritika Puri

Cofounder, Storyhackers

Ritika Puri is an entrepreneur who founded Storyhackers to help companies create awesome educational content. As a blogger, she loves writing about trends in business, internet culture, and marketing and finds inspiration at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and sociology.


Marketing to Humans in Times of Crisis: What Brands Need to Know

As a marketing leader, you may not consider yourself a crisis communications expert. But right now, being a leader in your field means addressing the crisis as part of your everyday communications. To do that, you need an emotional intelligence toolkit to help effectively navigate this balancing act.


Global Mobile Update: 3 Trends in Latin America for Mobile Marketers to Know

In 2018, mobile drove 27.5% of all retail sales in Latin America, totaling $14.62B. This growth has evolved in parallel with purchasing power, where the middle class is expanding regionally. Here are three trends mobile marketers need to watch.