Nick Allen

Founder and CEO, Cutback Coach

Nick Allen is Founder and CEO of Cutback Coach, where he’s focused on helping anyone who regularly drinks alcohol build healthier habits around their drinking. He’s a long-time Braze power user with more than 10 years of experience in retention-focused growth, spanning product and marketing.


How Cutback Coach Achieved 85%+ First Week Retention Through Personalized Onboarding

Cutback Coach leverages two-way SMS messages to help anyone who regularly drinks alcohol build healthier habits around their drinking. In this series, founder Nick Allen—who was the first retention-focused hire on the growth team at Lyft and former Director of Member Retention at IPSY—shares customer engagement strategies and technical insights gleaned from his journey building the entire Cutback Coach experience on Braze.


What It Takes to Build an SMS Experience Customers Love, the Cutback Coach Way

We’re bringing you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at how forward-looking business leaders and brands are leveraging Braze to drive brilliant, innovative customer experience. In this ongoing series, we’ll be spotlighting Nick Allen—the first lifecycle marketer at Lyft and former Director of Retention at IPSY—as he uses Braze to power communications for his latest startup, Cutback Coach.


How Cutback Coach Helped Members Optimize Their Drinking Habits—and Saw 80+% Daily Active Usage

Cutback Coach Founder Nick Allen explores how his brand has leverage intuitive, two-way SMS messaging flows powered by Braze to built a rich, personalized experience for users—resulting in 80+% daily active usage.


How Cutback Coach Uses 2-Way SMS to Support Healthier Drinking Habits

Get an in-depth look at how Cutback Coach is using Braze two-way messaging to drive rich experiences and help users manage their alcohol consumption in smart, sustainable ways.