Michelle Huang

Email and Messaging Lead at Canva

Michelle has a passion for all things data and is a strong advocate for being data-informed. She works in growth and marketing strategy and enjoys the endless opportunities to continuously learn and drive impact. She loves the tech space for being fast-paced, goal-oriented, and results-driven.


How to Calculate the Revenue Your Emails are Generating

So you’ve got an email program. Maybe it’s working for you; maybe it isn't. Without an effective measurement plan in place, you can find yourself wandering in the dark, armed with little more than the hope that you’re on the right track. Learn what it takes to make that happen.


8 Benefits of Measuring Your Email Marketing Program

When you’re able to clearly measure and calculate the increase in customers and revenue that your marketing comms have brought in, it can be transformative. Read on for insights from Canva's Michelle Huang as she explores all the possibilities that effective measurement of your email program can open up for marketing, growth, and engagement teams.