Marissa Aydlett

SVP of Marketing at Braze

Michigan born and raised, Marissa’s a world-traveling, acronym–loving, marketing thought leader with a fondness for figure skating, red wine, and early 90s hip hop.

Teams Issue

Your Silos Are Showing: The How and Why of Fostering Collaboration at a Time of Accelerating Digital Transformation

Braze SVP of Marketing, Marissa Aydlett, with leaders from Google, Deloitte, Twitter, and Quartz on what it takes to face and break down the organizational silos on your team.

Creativity Issue

“Change Everything”: What It Takes to Rebrand a Company in Six Months, Warts and All

At Appboy, we were weeks away from officially changing our company name and our branding and, well, everything. We held a key check-in meeting for the leadership team, and it was clear we weren’t on the same page. We were in a tough spot—and the only way out was through.