Madison Gardner

Senior Writer, Braze

Madison is obsessed with the human stories within data. When she’s not writing case studies or discussing retention strategy, you can find her pizza crawling her way through every major city.

LTR 2019

LTR 2019 Video: The Marketoonist on the Awkward Adolescence of Digital [VIDEO INSIDE]

With each new wave of technology, brands have the ability to connect with people more directly and deeply than ever before. Lighten up with Marketoonist Tom Fishburne, who shared at this year’s Long Term Relationships (LTR) conference how he uses cartoons and case studies to frame the right mindset needed to communicate with consumers in the modern digital world.


LTR 2019 Video: A/B Testing and Data-Driven Decision Making [VIDEO INSIDE]

No modern marketing strategy is complete without testing. Learn how to leverage testing and a data-driven approach to customer engagement from the experts at this year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) conference, featuring: Noya Polliack, Director, CRM & Marketing Growth at Rakuten Viber, David Rostan, VP, Marketing at Calendly, Pat DeCola, Manager, Digital Editorial at NASCAR Digital Media, Benoit Vatere, CEO and Founder of Mammoth Media, and Spencer Burke, Braze VP, Growth at Braze.


LTR 2019 Video: Smarter Data Makes Smarter Personalization [VIDEO INSIDE]

Learn what the experts from this panel had to say about what’s possible in personalization at this year’s Long Term Relationships (LTR) conference, featuring: Stephanie Loring, Manager of CRM Operations and Insights at Grubhub, Lizzie Landis, Marketing Manager at Ibotta, Maggie Breeden, Product Manager at Grindr, Paul Goldshteyn, Senior Product Manager, Mobile at Glassdoor, and Sharon Harris, VP, Alliance Relationships - Google Marketing Platform at Deloitte Digital.


LTR 2019 Video: Breaking Down Silos to Build Teams Up [VIDEO INSIDE]

From regional preferences when it comes to marketing channel and approach to the complications that can come when breaking down silos means bringing together far-flung teams, getting it right isn’t easy—but it’s necessary if your brand wants to reach its full potential. Learn how to make it happen with insights from this year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) panel. Featuring experts from Adevinta, Blinkist, Glovo, Delivery Hero, and Business Insider.

LTR 2019

LTR 2019 Video: Making Connections That Matter With Solutions Partners [VIDEO INSIDE]

From startups to enterprise brands—at this year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) Conference, we explored the way many brands lean on agencies, consultancies, and other solutions partners to ensure that they’re doing things right. Braze Senior Director of Partnerships & Channel Dave Goldstein sat down with Steven Moy, the CEO of Barbarian, one of our solutions partners.

LTR 2019

LTR 2019 Video: Humanizing the CMO Role [VIDEO INSIDE]

The CMO role is changing, as data-driven decision making enables continuous improvement and strengthens accountability. As teams adapt to a world where behavioral, demographic, and location data influence nearly every customer interaction, how do we keep the human touch that drives success? At this year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) Conference, we explored the evolving perspective and responsibilities of the CMO. Featuring experts from STASH, Turo, and the CMO Network at Forbes.