Madison Gardner

Senior Writer, Braze

Madison is the Senior Writer at Braze. When she’s not writing case studies or discussing retention strategy, you can find her food crawling her way through every major city.


Delivery Hero Uses Provisional Push to Boost Reachable Users by 36%

Online food-delivery marketplace Delivery Hero saw an opportunity to use the new iOS 12 provisional push feature to expand its reachable user base for Talabat, one of its Middle Eastern brands. Here’s how they increased push-enabled users by 36%.

case studies

How Canva’s Email Strategy Increases User Engagement

During the COVID-19 health crisis, leading online graphic design platform Canva was looking to send more valuable emails to their millions of users across the world. Check out how they used Braze to send localized, engaging emails at scale.


Babylon Pioneers AMP for Email to Achieve a 20% Increase in Engagement

With a mission to make healthcare more accessible, Babylon connects patients with doctors and other healthcare professionals, allowing them to receive virtual services. The health tech company utilized AMP for Email to showcase a health check feature, effectively providing more value to their users.


HappyFresh Drives 33% Purchase Rates by Putting Customers First

Dedicated to a customer-first approach, Jakarta-based online grocery delivery platform HappyFresh needed to quickly solve for the new ordering problems brought on by COVID-19. Using Braze, they built a solution in two days, which saw a 33% purchase rate.


Sephora SEA Increases Augmented Reality Feature Adoption Rates by 28%

Sephora SEA, the South East Asia arm of the multinational makeup giant, fosters a culture of experimentation in order to create engaging campaigns. Check out how they drove a 28% uplift in user adoption in their AR makeup feature, as well as a 48% increase in overall traffic to the feature.


Sephora SEA Used In-App Message Gamification to Increase Purchases by 132%

An influencer in ecommerce and retail, Sephora has over 2,600 stores in 34 countries worldwide. Check out how the Southeast Asia branch of the beauty brand increased purchases in its Malaysia market by 132% using customized in-app messages and streaming data powered by Braze.