Madison Gardner

Senior Writer, Braze

Madison is obsessed with the human stories within data. When she’s not writing case studies or discussing retention strategy, you can find her pizza crawling her way through every major city.


Showmax Used Smart Segmentation to Increase Subscribers by 204%

Leading African video streaming service Showmax utilizes a localization strategy give viewers relevant, engaging content. By leveraging segmentation to support a more relevant messaging strategy, they were able to increase their ROI by 37%.


PlushCare’s Cross-Channel Messaging Strategy Drives a 68% Email Open Rate

PlushCare is changing the way people experience healthcare with their virtual diagnostics and cross-channel messaging strategy. Check out how they reached a 68.3% email open rate and 9.7% click-through rate.


Freebird Leveraged a Fully Customizable Braze Channel to Increase Email Engagement by 141%

Using Braze, rideshare reward app Freebird was able to transform their email collection strategy to increase email engagement by 141%.


How Ibotta Uses Personalization to Drive 8% Conversion Rates

To drive more value and app engagement, Ibotta uses Braze to send its users a customized shopping list every Friday. This personalized email helps drive a 15% open rate as well as an 8% conversion rate that is 2x higher than their previous campaign.


Happn Increased Their Email Deliverability by 3X with a Cross-Channel Approach

Using Braze, the dating app Happn was able to reinvent their email collection strategy and improve email deliverability. Through simple yet innovative tactics, they decreased bounce rate by 42% and increased open rates up to 3X.


Anthropologie Drives Higher Conversions With Web Push Notifications

Using Braze, U.S. clothing and home retailer Anthropologie delivers brilliant experiences at every point along the customer journey. Check out how they use web push notifications to achieve a conversion rate 17.5% higher than the industry average.