Lauren Leonardi


Lauren Leonardi is a Brooklyn-based writer and internet professional. When she's not writing about mobile marketing, she uses digital marketing to support the growth of local, independently owned businesses. She also writes about global travel through the lens of social, economic, and ecological sustainability.


6 Keys to Mastering Modern Email Marketing

Email. It’s old—arguably the oldest digital messaging channel—but still extremely valuable for brands looking to engage their customers. To explore where email is at now and what it means, read on and learn seven keys for mastering email marketing today.


How Are You Connected To Your Customers?

Your customers are not only cross-channel, they're cross-device and cross platform, too. No two digital footprints look the same, so it's up to marketers to combine empathy and strategy to reach their customers in the best ways possible.


Your LTR 2018 Prep Guide: What You Need to Know

On October 3-4, 2018, we’ll be holding the fourth edition of LTR in New York City. This year, we’re exploring the marriage of data, technology, and teams, and the role technology can play in supporting more relevant “human” brand experiences.


LTR 2018: Meet the Humans Behind “The Human Factor”

The theme of LTR 2018 is “the human factor,” and that means we’re focusing in on the human side of all those connections: between brands and their customers, between different internal teams that have to work together, and between data and the realities of the customer experience.


Take What You Like and Make It Better: How to Learn From and Transcend Trump-era Marketing

Donald Trump’s rise to the American presidency is a lesson in marketing all on its own. Let's explore some of the tactics Trump employed in his campaign—and explore how modern marketers can crack these qualities open for their own success, either by mimicking or determining not to repeat what’s happening in the U.S. government’s executive branch.