Jena Donlin

Product Marketing Director at Braze

Jena Donlin leads product marketing at Braze. She likes understanding how technologies work and the impact they have. Outside the office, you can find her running, cycling, and reading the latest #brazebooks book club selection.


October 2018 | Ready, Set, Go! Your data agility just improved.

At Braze (formerly Appboy), we’re focused on building the best customer engagement platform out there, supporting brilliant messaging experiences across devices, channels, and platforms. Find out what what we’ve been up to this month.

Intuition Issue

Why Braze Built An Intelligence Suite—And Where We're Taking It

While AI as a concept has been with us for decades, it’s moving more and more from the realm of fantasy into a reality—one that harnesses computing power to develop smart logic on top of a lot of data. But making AI work for your business isn’t as simple as pushing a button—you have to make it happen.