Jane Grenier

Creative Brand Storyteller at Braze

Jane Grenier is the Creative Brand Storyteller at Braze. Prior to joining the company, she led creative operations at Quartz (qz.com, now a division of Tokyo-based Uzabase), working with a team of marketers, technologists, designers and branded-content specialists. In her lengthy publishing career, Jane has served as strategist for custom marketing solutions across mobile, digital, social, and print platforms, primarily at Condé Nast, at both the brand and corporate level. As an adjunct instructor at the NYU School of Professional Studies Center for Publishing master’s program, Jane teaches Introduction to Marketing and Branding. She and her husband, sculptor Jean-Marie Grenier, divide their time between Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and the Ardèche in the south of France.


Empathy at Scale is Central to Building Brand Humanity

If there were something you could do to ensure that two out of three of your customers would be loyal to your brand, would you do it? That’s the power of brand humanity in action. In his Day Two keynote at LTR 2019, special guest Dipanjan Chatterjee, Vice President and Principal Analyst for Forrester, emphasized the value that humanity adds in the age of Big Data and introduced the new Brand Humanity Study based on commissioned research conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Braze.


Lessons from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

Technology-enabled creativity, big brands trying to save the world and a commitment to inclusivity defined Cannes Lions in 2019.


5 Customer Questions Answered by Good Onboarding Practices

Onboarding is your first chance to connect with new users. Use it to answer your customers' essential questions to start a lasting relationship.