Emily Halperin

Customer Advocate Associate, Braze

Emily is the Customer Advocacy Associate at Braze. She manages the Firebrands program, which consists of our champion users looking to connect and learn from other thought leaders in the industry. Emily graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Communication Studies and a certificate in Sales and Marketing through the Ross School of Business.

case studies

Pizza Hut Adds Key New Channels and Drives a 21% Increase in Revenue With Machine Learning

At this year’s Forge conference, we were thrilled to recognize Pizza Hut as our 2020 Customer of the Year. Check out how this industry leader leveraged the Braze platform to support innovative campaigns and more human connections.


Forge 2020 Torchie Awards: Celebrating This Year’s Exceptional Achievements in Customer Engagement

We’re excited to host our second annual Torchie Award ceremony at Forge 2020 this year and recognize a new slate of Braze customers that have taken customer engagement to the next level. Let’s take a look at this year’s finalists.


Mastering IP Warming, the Grubhub Way

To help you better understand how IP warming works and what a successful warming program can look like, we sat down with Christine Hill, CRM & Email Marketer at Grubhub. Hill, a veteran of numerous warming programs, shared her best practices and advice for setting yourself up for success with IP warming and migrations.

LTR 2019

LTR 2019 Video: Announcing the Torchie Awards—Celebrating Exceptional Achievements in Customer Engagement [VIDEO INSIDE]

At the 2019 Long-Term Relationships (LTR) Conference, Braze launched the Torchie Awards to recognize the brands and individuals who’ve gone above and beyond when it comes to leveraging technology to connect with their audiences.