Donna Mulchand and Benjamin Kasman

Customer Onboarding Managers, Braze

As Customer Onboarding Managers at Braze HQ in NY, Donna and Ben work with new clients on integration and adoption of the Braze platform. When they're not reviewing data models, they can be found in the office contemplating the day's lunch options. Donna is a quintessential Californian who can't live without avocados. Ben is a self-professed Chipotle addict who constantly craves a burrito bowl.


How to Build a Best-in-Class Data Collection Strategy

Great marketing is built on data, but not all data is created equally. If your brand is going to build its marketing strategy around data, you need to be confident that the information you’re collecting is accurate, up to date, and capable of having a meaningful impact on your customer engagement efforts. To get there, you need an effective data collection strategy.