Diana Kim

Product Manager at Braze

Diana Kim is the Product Manager for Partnerships at Braze in NYC. She transitioned into product management from growth marketing to challenge herself on building meaningful products that will help marketers build brilliant user experiences. She was formerly the Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Ibotta where she led growing the Ibotta app and changing the way consumers get rewarded for making every day purchases for over 3 years.


Message Targeting Mishaps (and What to Do About Them)

To help marketing, growth, and engagement teams see their work from a new perspective, Braze has partnered with Tom Fishburne, CEO and founder of Marketoonist, for a 10-part series of marketing-themed comics. This week, hear from Braze Product Manager Diana Kim on message-targeting mishaps.


Introducing Content Cards: Exploring This Innovative New Messaging Channel

Braze is pleased to announce a powerful new messaging channel: Content Cards! This highly flexible messaging tool allows brands to highlight persistent content within their app or web experiences without interrupting customers’ browsing behavior. Read on for a look at this key new messaging channel and what it means for your customer engagement efforts.