Christine Kent

case studies

PureGym Generates a 55% Open Rate with Targeted, Relevant Emails Using the Braze API

PureGym offers low-cost and flexible memberships across nearly 300 gyms in the United Kingdom. To build customer loyalty and improve the gym-going experience, PureGym partnered with Braze to create timely and relevant API-triggered email campaigns, winning an open rate of 55%.


La Presse Adds 139k New Subscribers in the First Month With Braze-Powered Reader Wall

La Presse is one of Canada’s most popular free French-language news sources. When La Presse wanted to increase subscribers, it partnered with Braze to design customized browser messages to allow access to content while encouraging users to create free accounts—and added 139,000 subscribers in the first month.


Understanding Language-Based Personalization

Language-based personalization is an essential first step in building successful campaigns that drive engagement. As customers get used to dynamic, personalized marketing content that speaks directly to what matters to them, they may come to view language-based personalization as a prerequisite for doing business with a brand.

case studies

NASCAR Sees 40% Conversion Rate For Rich Push Campaign Promoting Virtual Racing

To keep fans engaged when live auto racing was suspended, NASCAR created a virtual racing series and partnered with Braze on a rich push notification campaign. The campaign saw a 40% conversion rate, an Android open rate of 9%, and an iOS open rate of 4%.

case studies

Payomatic Boosts Mobile App Adoption and Lifetime Value with Data-Driven Marketing

Payomatic, New York's largest provider of check cashing and financial services, is adding digital capabilities to transform its traditional brick-and-mortar business. To increase mobile app adoption, engagement, and customer lifetime value, Payomatic is using Braze to deliver personalized messages at key moments during the customer journey.


PureGym Boosts Conversions 206% with Braze-Powered Cross-Channel Campaigns

PureGym offers low-cost and flexible memberships across nearly 300 gyms in the United Kingdom. Like many gym businesses, PureGym wanted to reduce member churn while also encouraging former gym members to re-join and get fit. To connect with former members using the right messages at the right time, PureGym partnered with ConsultMyApp to leverage Braze to optimize and personalize a cross-channel campaign, increasing email open rates by 69% and boosting conversions by 206%.