Casey Dienel

Senior Copywriter, Braze

Casey’s a writer, musician, and the resident grammarian at Braze. When not obsessing over oxford commas and hyphens, she can be found in her garden tending roses.


The Half-Life of Customer Data

In an age when privacy is a hot-button issue, customers expect a more sophisticated experience when they share their data with brands. It’s mission-critical for brands to demonstrate value in their customer’s moments of need by acting on insights gleaned from their data. Otherwise, the value of customer data—and the value of your brand in the eyes of your customer—begins to degrade.


LTR 2019: No Brand Is An Island—Breaking Down Silos To Build Better Teams

This year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) conference, held at Pier59 Studios on October 29-30, will focus on how technology can help to strengthen the connections between brands and their customers in partnership with human empathy and creative strategy. During LTR, MINDBODY, ParkMobile, Pizza Hut, and The Guardian will dig into how brands can build and manage effective teams.