Brian Wheeler

Senior Director, Engineering at Braze

Brian Wheeler is VP, Product Engineering at Braze. When he’s not busy shaking smartphones in the air, you can find him predicting the winner of House Hunters and not wearing watches because they are bad luck.

building braze

Turning the Page: How Braze Transformed Our Process for Handling Pages

At Braze, we’ve been working over the last year to execute major changes in the way we handle pages. Check out what Brian Wheeler, VP of Product Engineering at Braze, has to say about our approach and how we did it.

Building Braze

Journey to Agile: How Braze Reimagined Its Software Project Management Process

We spent the first five or so years building Braze without much in the way of formal project management. But by early 2018, we started seeing new, serious issues with the way our processes worked. To ensure that we could maintain our product velocity and maximize the efficiency of our engineering organization, we decided to embrace a new approach: Agile Software Development.