Boris Revechkis

Product Manager at Braze

Boris manages the AI and machine learning & Intelligence Suite products of Braze. In his past life as a computational neuroscientist, Boris built interfaces to allow people’s neurons to control virtual reality.


Honor Every Customer’s Outreach Preferences: Introducing Intelligent Channel

To support better customer messaging, Braze is pleased to announce a new addition to our Intelligence Suite: Intelligent Channel. This new audience filter makes it easier for marketing, growth, and engagement teams to ensure that they’re contacting each customer via their preferred engagement channel, as determined by their past engagement behavior.

Building Braze

It Wasn't Me—It Was the Multi-Armed Man: How Intelligent Selection Can Enhance Your Testing

In this industry, we all need to know if our actions produce the results we want, and, frankly, we’d like to know quickly. In marketing, testing has been used for decades to quantitatively compare messages against each other and against a control. In digital marketing especially, subject line testing and similar kinds of copy testing have never been easier. But, there are details to consider. One big one: how much data do you need to perform a meaningful test?