Bill Magnuson

Cofounder and CEO at Braze

Bill Magnuson is cofounder and CEO at Braze (formerly Appboy). Bill's love for technology began when he was a child where he often spent his recesses inside on the computer instead of playing frisbee outside (his other true passion). He previously served as CTO at Braze, overseeing the company's product and engineering divisions.


Hello, Singapore: Expanding the Braze Global Footprint

Nearly seven years after our company’s founding in New York City and two years after the launch of Braze London, we're pleased to announce the official opening of our new Singapore office, formally introducing Braze (formerly Appboy) to the APAC market.

Braze Buzz

Braze: A New Name. A New Leadership Position

Today we are announcing that Appboy will soon be Braze. The word braze means to bond, to unite, or to join with considerable strength. Renaming our company to Braze is a representation of the strong, unwavering connection that our technology creates between people and the brands they love.