Ashley Christiano

Product Marketing Manager at Braze

Ashley Christiano is a Product Marketing Manager at Braze’s NYC headquarters. When she’s not knee-deep in Canvas content, she’s probably sorting her books by color, writing horoscopes, or hanging out with her cat Gracie and dog Louise.

The Channels Issue

In-App Messages of the Future: More Magic than Marketing

From timing to triggers, design to data use, in-app messages are teed up to be an increasingly important part of a brand’s cross-channel marketing mix. They take your users from “welcome” to “welcome back,” “congratulations” to “keep trying” in a contextual way that, if done right, feels more like magic than messaging. Learn where we are today—and where this important messaging channel is headed.


The Canvas of Tomorrow: Where We’re Taking Our Customer Journey Builder in 2020 And Beyond

Creating sophisticated, multi-step, multivariate campaigns can feel intimidating, but Braze is here to help. We created Braze Canvas, our customer journey tool, to make building dynamic and responsive campaigns completely seamless. Originally launched in the summer of 2016, Canvas has been on quite the journey of its own!


Braze Winter 2020 Product Launch: Unifying Communications to Unlock Customer Loyalty

Each season, Braze gives its customers an exclusive look at an array of new features, tools, and functionalities for the Braze platform. This winter, Braze is introducing eight new or updated features that seamlessly integrate into your existing messaging campaigns. Strengthen customer loyalty and amplify your brand with new AI/ML features, easy orchestration, and powerful partnerships. After all, what says winter more than a cozy sweater, dogs in booties, and some brand new Braze features?


5 Ingredients for a Successful Braze Canvas Recipe

Sometimes, it's not about the journey, but the destination. What if our marketing reflected that idea? Let’s take a look at five ingredients that you can mix into any Canvas to create the perfect customer journey.