Anna Mongillo

Business Intelligence Analyst at Braze

Anna is a Business Intelligence Analyst at Braze’s NYC headquarters. She doubles as a foodie, poet, Austin Texpat and music enthusiast.


COVID-19: The New Rules, By The Numbers

We’ve seen a number of valuable trends over the past few months, especially when it comes to changes in engagement and purchase behavior. To help brands benefit from our insights, we’ve shared a selection of Braze-proprietary data that illustrate how COVID-19 has changed the marketing landscape.


Send Frequency: What “Just Right” Looks Like, Vertical by Vertical

Strong customer/brand relationships are built on thoughtful communication. And to make that happen, you have to know your users: What they’re interested in hearing about, when they want to hear it, and—most importantly—how often they expect to hear from you.


The 8 Things You Should Definitely Do With Your Holiday Data

Crafting great holiday campaigns takes work—and advance planning. That means doing your research, testing out your campaigns, iterating on your sending strategy, and executing at the right time with the perfect personalized message for your audience. Read on to find out how to make smart decisions when it comes to using holiday data.


Trust, But Verify: How to Make Sure Benchmarks Are Really Saying What You Think They’re Saying

For some creatives, “data” is a four-letter word. But the shortest path to failure for digital marketers is making decisions without the right data to guide your strategy. Here at Braze, we know that some of the most essential information when it comes to customer engagement is benchmarking data—that is, industry-wide metrics that can help you set goals, better understand your vertical, and strategize across industries to make an impact on your bottom line.


Marketing Pressure: The Key Ingredient for Optimizing Your Sending Strategy

Thoughtful brands pay attention to when and how often they’re connecting with customers—and measure these touches using a concept known as "marketing pressure." Marketing pressure refers to the quantity, timing, and pattern of a brand’s interactions with its customers. It’s a great lever for optimizing your marketing strategy and understanding your users better to boot.


Data Latency: What You Need to Know Right Now (Or Pretty Soon, Anyway)

As customer engagement becomes more and more data-driven, it’s increasingly important that all areas of your organization are up to speed on your data and how it’s being handled. But far too many brands aren't thinking seriously about data latency and what it means for their customer engagement efforts. Get the scoop here.