Adam Swiderski


Adam Swiderski is a writer, editor, musician, surfer, and recovering professional nerd from Queens, New York. He's interested in the meeting of technology and humanity, and disinterested in zombie apocalypse.


How to Effectively Drive Messaging Opt-Ins

For marketing channels like email and push notifications to succeed, brands need to manage the process through which customers opt into receiving messages. Choosing when and how to offer opt-ins can make a huge difference in both reach and consumer trust.


How to Boost Conversions Using In-App Messages

In-app messaging reaches customers when they are most ready to interact with a brand, which means wielding them wisely can supercharge deeper levels of engagement. Here’s what makes them such a potent tool, and how one brand’s creative use of this channel yielded exponential results.


Push and Beyond: How Building a Cross-Channel Strategy Builds True Engagement

With their differing methodologies, strengths, and weaknesses, “push” and “pull” messaging might seem to be incompatible art forms. Research indicates, however, that they can play a complementary role in boosting customer engagement. What’s more, mastering the interplay between them can be key to true messaging mastery.


How Braze Makes Black Friday Messaging Campaigns Possible at Scale

The period from Black Friday to Cyber Monday is a key annual moment for retailers, and for marketing teams looking to reach consumers with critical messaging. Doing so successfully requires a platform with stability, speed, and reliability. Here’s how Braze makes effective Black Friday messaging possible.


The Human Touch: How Customer Engagement Drives Brand Loyalty

In an always-connected world, understanding and accessing a consumer's emotional experience is integral to creating true engagement. Humanizing interaction at scale is the way forward, and technology provides the road map.


Mobile Marketing at a Massive Scale: How Braze Conquered Black Friday Messaging

Not all messaging efforts are created equal, and when it comes to Black Friday and the holiday blitz, standing out from the crowd is both more important and more difficult than ever. Here's how Braze used stability and flexibility to help our customers set the bar.