PlushCare is changing the way people experience healthcare with their virtual diagnostics and cross-channel messaging strategy. Check out how they reached a 68.3% email open rate and 9.7% click-through rate.

In the age of on-demand everything, Americans still wait 24 days on average for a doctor’s appointment. They spend more time waiting to be seen at the doctor’s office than getting their license at the DMV. It’s a clogged system where many don’t reach out for care because they don’t have the time or the ability to deal with the stress. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Founded in 2014, PlushCare is modernizing healthcare by providing services virtually. Patients can speak with doctors via video chat, then receive a diagnosis and treatment plan within minutes. Their doctors have an average of 15 years experience and were trained at the top 50 medical institutions, ensuring PlushClare maintains the highest standards of care. They’re also working to foster real conversation between doctors and their patients.

To help deliver care and humanize patient-doctor interaction, PlushCare needed a HIPAA-compliant engagement solution capable of helping them nurture users through their healthcare journey. That’s why they turned to Braze.

PlushCare: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Every communication between PlushCare and its patients needs to be human, personal, and private to effectively deliver care. To accomplish this, PlushCare utilizes a cross-channel approach that relies on email, push notifications, and SMS.

Immediately after signing up, patients receive an onboarding email that shows the wide range of services they can “book now.” Another email is sent 20 minutes after their first appointment to prompt them to download the app. If they rate the PlushCare service a 10, it triggers an email that asks them to leave a review on Yelp.

Beyond that, PlushCare uses the Braze platform’s Canvas customer journey management tool to segment audiences by traits such as gender, age, and medical conditions to send out highly-relevant emails with specific healthcare information and services.

A man over 45 might receive this email about colorectal screenings.

For real-time communication, PlushCare utilizes SMS and push notifications. For example, patients receive a push notification when their lab results are ready. Or, when their prescriptions are sent, they get an SMS as well as an email. This high-touch treatment of valuable messaging helps cultivate a strong relationship between patients and PlushCare.

PlushCare’s Results: High Open, Click-through, and Conversion Rates

By focusing on highly-relevant, timely messaging in an industry known for its long wait times, PlushCare is able to deliver value to its users. Their onboarding email has a 30% open rate and 4.1% click-through rate (CTR), and their email asking for a Yelp review has a 68.3% open rate and 9.7% CTR.

Additionally, 4.8% of new bookings and 6.4% of repeat appointments in September 2019 came directly through Braze.

"Braze is an integral part of our engagement strategy,” says Mark Spera, Head of Growth at Plushcare. “As we move closer to becoming the number one virtual primary care provider, it's essential that we have one to one interactions with our patients whenever possible, and maintain HIPAA compliance every step of the way."

Final Thoughts

PlushCare is changing the way people experience healthcare. By employing a comprehensive communication strategy, they ensure their patients feel taken care of from prevention to prescription.

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Madison Gardner

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