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The Integration Issue

Beyond Points and Punch Cards: How to Win in the New Age of Loyalty

It's time that marketers realize customer loyalty goes way beyond the traditional punch cards and point systems. To forge relationships that keep customers loyal, brands will need to focus in on seamless, valuable, thoughtful experiences at every point of the customer journey.


May 2019 Product Update: New Platforms and Channels and Partners—Oh My!

At Braze, we’re focused on building the best customer engagement platform out there. We’ve been busy at work to ensure that we deliver the best new features to our loyal customers; this month's new release includes the launch of a new platform (Roku!), a new channel (Content Cards!) and whole a lot more!

The Integration Issue

Stacks, Ecosystems, and Customer Engagement: Where Are We Now?

Consumers have come to expect brands to be able to understand and speak to them without skipping a beat as they jump from device to device. To support that kind of cohesive experience, you need a best-in-class marketing technology ecosystem. But before you can build one that fits your brand’s unique needs, you need to understand what’s possible today—and how we got here.


Marketing Pressure: The Key Ingredient for Optimizing Your Sending Strategy

Thoughtful brands pay attention to when and how often they’re connecting with customers—and measure these touches using a concept known as "marketing pressure." Marketing pressure refers to the quantity, timing, and pattern of a brand’s interactions with its customers. It’s a great lever for optimizing your marketing strategy and understanding your users better to boot.

The Integration Issue

How Ibotta Uses Braze to Support More Effective Customer Messaging

Today’s brands need to make sure their marketing strategy is supported by a customer engagement platform that’s built to support a stronger understanding of their customers and to enable relevant, personalized, targeted messaging at scale. Learn how Ibotta leveraged Braze and Radar to see stronger results and provide a better customer experience.

The Orchestration Issue

Helping Ebates Makes Shopping Even More Rewarding for Its Member—and Their Bottom Line

Cashback website Ebates improves retention and sales through more relevant messaging and focused campaign orchestration.